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Sunday runs are back! We are now insured for up to 20 runners and I would like to bring back the Sunday volunteers starting this Sunday 9th August 2020. There are some precautions to take if you have volunteered to be the run leader.

We are now able to restart group runs. These runs can take place on tracks or in open spaces accessible by the general public such as parks, roads, trails and fells.

Here is a summary of the key requirements that must be carried out


  • Manage the risks by completing a risk assessment (attached) for each run and keep the risk assessment for 12 months
  • Ensure group size is limited to 20 people
  • Provide information to runners ahead of the run


  • Record who is attending the run and pass to me on my personal WhatsApp and I’ll keep this record for 21 days to support NHS contact tracing
  • The leader should be prepared to manage incidents by carrying a face mask
  • As a group-follow government guidelines on social contact and physical distancing


  • Continue to maintain physical distancing, including in any facilities where groups of people congregate

Guidance on the risk assessment can be obtained from the England Athletics and the Ramblers Association websites. Runners should carry hand sanitiser.  Try to avoid styles and gates. If gates and styles are used then runners should sanitise their hands after touching the gate or style. Try to avoid busy trails and narrow paths. If meeting pedestrians, runners, horse riders and cyclists the group should move to the side to let them pass. Be careful to maintain social distancing at the start and finish and at pinch points such as stiles.

All run leaders could you take a register and make a Risk Assessment of the group running and pass the names, date and time over to me on my personal WhatsApp and I’ll keep a record for Track and Trace.

It will be assumed that your participation in running with club members advertised on the club WhatsApp that you agree to abide by the guidelines issued by England Athletics and take all necessary precautions to protect your own safety and that of your fellow runners.

Anyone with symptoms or in a household with someone with symptoms should self-isolate in accordance with government guidance.


Egerton Running Club is registered with RunEngland.


This web site was last updated Aug 2020




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